About Sellme


Safe Simple Free

Address:  Bethlehem
Ceo: Sharif Farrag
Founded: 2012


An Internet website that allows potential buyers to browse through a list of cars that has been added by individuals and dealers.


SellMe mission is to give users the power to freely advertise vehicles online with the simplest, and safest way.


  • SellMe.ps is not involved at any stage in the purchase or sale of any vehicle.
  • All cars images displayed in the car Rating tables (Rate a Car Models) in sellme.ps are not the property of sellme.ps. And they are only visual aid, and do not represent the actual cars for sale.
  • The cars uploaded by the customers are the property of the customers.
  • SellMe has the right to remove any customer-ad that breaks our policies.

SellMe policy

  • SellMe.ps is not involved at any stage in the purchase of the vehicle and does not track who buys which car from whom. SellMe.ps does not make any recommendations on payment methods – all agreements concerning the sale are undertaken between the buyer and seller. In this respect, SellMe.ps is not able to provide any information concerning the creditworthiness of a buyer; we do not have access to such information. If, however, you receive an email that appears to be from SellMe.ps and contains statements concerning the credit worthiness of a buyer, this is undoubtedly a false email.
  • SellMe.ps has the ability to reject any Costumer Ad.
    • Inappropriate pictures.
    • Invalid car descriptions.
    • Etc…
  • SellMe.ps will not send any financial related email to the customers. Sellme will not request any security related email to the customers. 
  • Paperwork sent by electronic means (registration certificates and logbooks etc. sent by email) can be easily forged and does not offer any guarantee about the identity of the person selling the vehicle or that the documents are valid proof of ownership of a vehicle.
  • SellMe.ps does not rate either Premium or free User on their trustworthiness as sellers.

Please notify us in case you receive an email from a source falsely claiming to be SellMe.